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What Will IPGenie® Do for Me?

For Operations Managers…
  • See a detailed report of call centre activity, down to each call on each queue.
  • Run reports by single queues, or by user-created queue groups, both on inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Listen to recorded calls.
  • See activity statistics and duration by call stage, with daily, hourly (or shorter), weekly breakdowns.
  • Track calls processed on multiple queues.
  • Measure business targets and conversion rates on a number of industry-standard metrics.
  • Measure agent activity during the day, both on ACD and non-ACD time, with billable and non-billable work times.
  • Provide excellent configurable security and privacy, on a queue-by-queue basis.
  • All actions can be assigned or revoked on a user-by-user basis.
  • Can be easily set up to support a virtual or multi-tenant call-centre.
For Team Leaders…
  • Detailed real time call and agent reporting can be broken down by queue, agent group or location.
  • See agent status and real-time activity.
  • Remotely listen to live calls as they are handled.
  • Watch agent screens remotely through a VNC client.
  • Real-time wallboard mode and Restricted “Visitor” mode to allow real-time access to external stakeholders, with optional live call or VNC monitoring.
  • Agents can see the calls they’re handling and integrate with external CRM apps,optionally passing data gathered from IVR menus or Caller-ID.
  • Set call status codes (e.g. Sale, Contact) for all inbound and outbound traffic through the GUI Log-on, log-off, go on pause and set pause reason codes.
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