Ipgenie - Hotel Hospitality
Turn your guest room's phone into more than a phone. Allow them to use it for their wake-up call and allow housekeeping to update room status via the phone. Even manage the mini bar - the possibilities are endless.

Hotel Hospitality Package:

  • Integrated wake-up (can be set by hotel staff or by guests)
  • Integrated browser-based operator panel
  • Front desk check-in/check-out
  • Guest name applied to room upon check-in
  • Vacant applied to room upon check-out
  • Activation of phones for calls at guest check-in
  • Deactivation of phones for calls at guest check-out
  • Activation of guest voicemail box upon check-in
  • Cleaning of all voice messages in guest voicemail box upon check-out
  • Built-in room state system for control of room status and maids
  • Built-in mini-bar soft phone for control of mini-bar management
  • Built-in and fully integrated call accounting system with adjustable rate tables

Hospitality Software

Our hospitality software is stand-alone, thus meaning it doesn’t have to run on IPGenie. It can run with any Asterisk based PBX and is compatible with numerous hotel systems out on the market such as:
  • Micro Fidelio, Opera and Suite 8
  • Protel
  • Amadeus Hospitality
  • Brilliant
  • Newhotel
  • Silverbyte / Optima
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