IPGenie - Telephone Systems

IPGenie - Telephone Systems

Revolutionise the way your business communicates. IPGENIE is the next generation unlicensed pure broadband unified communications platform that provides your business with an all-in-the-box feature set. Simplify your business communications with key features such as mobility, call recording, call centre and many high-end fully featured benefits.
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 IPGenie - Mobile Client

Mobile Client

On the road, on the Internet, on a different continent, IPGenie® enables you to take and make calls.

The IPGenie® Mobile Client (which when installed) runs on a mobile phone and makes intelligent decisions on how to best route outgoing calls. This makes using the low-cost services that the Mobile Client provides incredibly easy. With calls at low international rates using Call-back or Local Access numbers in one step, the phone does the rest for you - dials from your phone book, uses call history, or just enters the number.
 IPGenie - Call Centre Monitoring

Call Centre Monitoring

IPGenie® runs comprehensive monitoring software for call centres.

As an old adage goes “If you can measure it, you can improve it”. With over 150 quantitative metrics available, your call centre runs smoothly and problems are easily identified. You can measure budget targets, SLA targets, agent activity and more with a level of detail that goes down to listening to any call on any queue - and all right from your browser.
 IPGenie - Hospitality

Hospitality Applications

Turn your guest room's phone into more than a phone. Allow them to use it for their wake-up call, and allow housekeeping to update room status via the phone. Even manage the mini bar - the possibilities are endless.

Our hospitality software is stand-alone, which means it doesn't have to run on IPGenie, it can run with any Asterisk Based PBX!
 IPGenie - Telephone Systems

Handset Family

IPGENIE are distributors for both Fanvil technologies and Ecense WS range, which both offer a range of IP telephony handsets. This range includes a highly featured Android HTML video touch screen handset along with an entry-level wireless desktop handset. These are all priced competitively for the ever demanding VoIP IP handset marketplace.
 IPGenie - V3 Software

V3 Software

Please note minium advisable PC spec required to run your new v3 software 
Dual core 1.8ghz 
2GB Ram 
Raid 1 
 IPGenie - V3 Software

IPGenie Data Centre

Our dedicated data centres offer you a complete solution with 99.9% up time 24/7 service from a dedicated support team we can guarantee you the trust integrity your company deserves.

Dedicated Servers start from just £15.00 per month

  • Intel Atom D525 @ 1.80GHz 698 
  • 2 2GB
  • 1x 250GB 
  • 5000GB Monthly Transfer
Virgin Media briefing room

Broadband Services

Let's get you moving with virgin business broadband from only £30.00 per month get a true direct 50 gig connection into your business.  
No more sharing with other suppliers and business in your area. 

 IPGenie - Finance


Thinking about it? Let us help finance this. 

Keep your cash in the bank - IPGENIE No Cash outlay options from only £35.00 per month  

IPGENIE finance can offer a “no cash outlay” option to finance the cost of your new IPGENIE VoIP product. We can do this from as little as £35.00 per month, which enables you and your business to keep your cash in the bank and allows you to get on with the day-to-day running of the business without the worry of finding a capital amount to fund your new product, The rentals will be 00% tax refundable, giving the benefits of claiming VAT back on each purchase.
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