Mobile Client

Mobile Client

Ipgenie - Mobile Client

On the road, on the Internet, on a different continent, IPGenie® enables you to take and make calls

The IPGenie® Mobile Client which, when installed, runs on a mobile phone and makes intelligent decisions on how to best route outgoing calls.

This makes it incredibly easy to make calls at low international rates using call-back or local access numbers in one step. The low-cost services that the Mobile Client provides make the process simple and you can dial from your phone book, use call history, or just enter the number and the phone does the rest for you.

Make calls using the Internet (VoIP), and the Mobile Client will set it up for you and you can use our helpful menus for managing your network access points, over Wi-Fi (wireless) or cellular GSM (3G/GPRS).

The Mobile Client presently directs calls to the IPGenie® UCP system using the following methods:

  • VoIP (Typically using a Wi-Fi connection) - the Mobile Client is able to communicate with the IPGenie® UCP system which then routes the call to the destination number.
  • Call Back - the mobile phone indicates to the IPGenie® UCP system that it wishes to make a call to a destination number. The IPGenie® UCP then calls the mobile back and bridges the call to the other party once answered.
  • Local Access - in this method, the Mobile Client routes a call by making a GSM call to the IPGENIE UCP system. This then bridges the call to the destination number.
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